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Celebrate Heritage Open Day Week this year by supporting Heritage Causes on Lincs Lotto

England’s biggest heritage celebration, Heritage Open Day Week, is happening all thisweek between the 13th and 22nd September. The annual festival is a celebration of museums, heritage sites and...

18 September 2019

Heritage Open Days Week: St Mark's Community Group raise £2,500 thanks to Lincs Lotto players

St Mark’s Amcotts are one of the most successful causes on Lincs Lotto, and have managed to raise a huge £2,500 for their community. The group are a community organisation based in the vil...

17 September 2019

J.W. Worlaby Club fundraises £1,000 thanks to Lincs Lotto players

Worlaby-based community group, The J.W. Club, has raised £1,000 thanks to players of Lincs Lotto. The club was set up by Pam and Richard Beeforth in 2014. They had an idea to run community event...

21 August 2019

Lincs Lotto Drop-In Surgeries

Two drop-in surgeries will be held to discuss fundraising through Lincs Lotto....

25 March 2019

Hedgehog charity raises £1,000 through Lincs Lotto

Appleby-based animal charity, Andrew’s Hedgehog Hospital, has raised £1,000 thanks to players of Lincs Lotto....

08 March 2019

Our causes are on track to raise £44,990.40 this year

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